Q:What is the difference between Swiss and Asian grade replica Rolex watches?

A:The difference between Swiss and Asian grade watches is the stainless steel grade that is being used, as well as the manufacturing process and machinery. The Asian grade watch band is 316L steel while the Swiss grade watch band is more rust and corrosion-resistant but at the same time more costly and complicated to produce. Swiss grade watches are manufactured on machinery that is cloned to match Swiss technology and standards, therefore a higher accuracy and finishing is to be expected.


A:We receive this question almost daily, and the answer is not simple.
There are a few things to keep in mind:
1. Mechanical watches are water resistant and not waterproof.
2. Swimming presents challenges to mechanical watches other than just water. These include the effects of salt, chlorine and other chemicals.
3. The strap may be damaged by exposure to water.
If the watch will be used for diving, even casually, we recommend a minimum water resistance of 500 meters.


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A:We accept returns within 7 days upon arrival. When you receive the product and found a defect, please contact us soonest possible. Please take a picture and provide description of the defect you find. The watch should not have a scratch, no links should be removed, leather band must not be cut and no parts must be replaced.
You may find loose parts which is possible due to shipping. But we are happy to have the watch return back to us and fix. Regardless, you may contact us on first hand fixing which you may be able to do yourself for lesser time consuming.
If you wish to return the watch after 7 days, you will be refunded with restocking fee of 10%.

Q:What is an embedded putter? How is it different from unembedded buttons?

A:Recessed pushers are button that are designed in a way that the button is inside the watch body, mostly for appearance purpose. Many times, there are too many push buttons on the watch already and making recessed pushers will help to save space and makes it more desirable in looks. Usually, recessed pushers are for setting date, year or day, etc. Use a ball-point pen to push the recessed pusher all-the-way and release fully will make it change accordingly. Repeat the process until you set the right information. Do not push half way or release half way, it will sometimes cause the gear to change half way and make it show the wrong information and it might damage other mechanical parts in the watch’s movement.

Q:What is a tester and how does it work?

A:It is a scale on the dial. In fact, many sports version watches have it either on the rim or bezel. In conjunction with the second hand, it gives the speed of a moving object. A tachymeter takes a value determined in less than a minute and converts it into miles per hour. For example, a wearer could measure the time it takes a car to pass between mile markers on the highway. When the car passes the second marker, the second hand will be pointing to the cars speed in miles per hour on the tachometric scale.